Empowering the CI/CD Process with Optimized Logging

Logging acts like the eyes of an organization, but the insights offered by logging is only effective when it's optimized with the best practices outlined in this eBook.

What's Inside

  • Logging best practices

  • The tools needed to extract insights

  • Create meaningful alerts & visualizations

  •  How machine learning (ML) can help interpret and analyze the vast amount of data 

  • Building smarter CI/CD pipelines that drive smoother SDLC and create better software. Ultimately, build competitive services that users love.

About The Author

Ariel Assaraf, Founder and CEO of Coralogix

In the past 7 years, Ariel has focused on solving logging for organizations of every size and across industries. In this eBook, Ariel shares the fundamentals of setting up logging for success.

Ariel is a veteran of the Israeli intelligence elite unit 8200 and has over 10 years of Product and team management experience. Formally QA & Integration GL at Verint.

ML-Powered Logging

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