The cost of doing ELK on your own

See the Total Cost of Ownership of the ELK stack broken down into visible costs and hidden costs. A tool may have a respectable price tag but have significant costs hiding beneath the surface.

Whats Inside

  • 3-year ELK Stack TCO projections
  • Purchase cost 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Initial set up and customization 
  • Ongoing operational costs 
  • Intangible Costs

About The Author

Ariel Assaraf, Founder and CEO of Coralogix

In the past 7 years, Ariel has focused on solving logging for organizations of every size and across industries. In this eBook, Ariel shares the fundamentals of setting up logging for success.

Ariel is a veteran of the Israeli intelligence elite unit 8200 and has over 10 years of Product and team management experience. Formally QA & Integration GL at Verint.

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