Coralogix Brand Assets

Here's our brand assets pack which you’re more than welcome to use! Please be sure to follow our guidelines as listed below. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Coralogix Brand Pack

What You Should Do...

Coralogix website - you can use the logos to link back to our site.

Blog Posts/News - you can use the logos in either blog posts or news about the Coralogix product. 

Social Media - feel free to use our logo in your social media posts that cover the Coralogix Product, news, etc.

What You Shouldn't Do...

Modify Logos - create any modified versions of the Coralogix logos
Logo Integration - don't combine our logos into your own logo
Confuse Coralogix - keep Coralogix independent, and don't confuse it with other brands

Colors, Dimensions, & Spacing - be sure to use the correct design (background, contrast, etc) when using the Coralogix logo.







Remember to be kind to our logo (:

Coralogix Ltd.

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